Stop Saying I Can’t Sleep and Get a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night

There are several causes of not getting away and off to sleep easily. At some point in our way of life we’ll all be worried about something or have lots going on that prevents our minds from relaxing. These are the exceptions though and not the traditional situation. If you are struggling on a regular basis the following tips can assist your system and mind relax:

If you will have trouble falling asleep while pregnant, try choosing a warm bath one hour before you go to bed. It is important that happened retire for the night too quickly after your bath since the increase in temperature will in fact help keep you awake. It is when your temperature drops again that sleep is better induced. During that hour, that you can do some light relaxation exercises.

Just as kids are energized from sugar, adults may have the same reaction. Although this reaction just isn’t quite as intense such as kids, adults can experience this same intensity only because either much more of this sugar has consumed, or because it’s blended with other factors (i.e. stress) that are making sleep a target rather than habit.

1. One of the most useful tips I’ve encountered for any good night’s sleep is complete darkness – this means blocking ALL light from your room. This includes turning your cellphone off, screen off, turning your noisy alarms around and since the light from underneath the door. Also, blackout shades certainly are a helpful investment.

Similarly, if you fail to fall asleep or keep waking up at night, you’re not getting quality sleep. REM sleep is the reason for between 20 and 25% of one’s night, in cycles (its not all at once). Since it will take time to obtain there, if you aren’t getting enough total sleep hours, you are also getting less REM time.

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