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There are some quite normal conception symptoms which may show if you are pregnant or not, however some women don’t experience same signs this is why getting pregnancy tested or visiting doctor is definitely the best option, but lets take a look at one of the most common signs of pregnancy which often occur a couple of weeks after conception.

At the initial phase of pregnancy, you may query the stipulations of your body. You may think the symptoms you will get are a couple of kind of problems. You may also desire to speak to your doctor, friends, neighbors, loved ones or perhaps your midwife. What you are passing through might be a normal conception odd in fact it is not limited by you alone.

– You miss menstrual period. This is the most known symptoms. You lack a menstrual period when you find yourself pregnant inside first month. The missed period, however, can be a result of other reasons including stress, hormonal imbalance, or some types of illness. So, the missed period alone cannot tell you are pregnant.

1. Basal Body Temperature: Also known as the BBT. This is one way of reading and recording the of ovulation. If this is maintained then the ovulation can be traced as that proves to be the most futile period from conception. It is recorded through special instruments, day before even you get out from the bed. The temperature is generally high during the time of ovulation and when the conception in those times then your temperature will continue elevated during the entire term of childbearing.

Constipation: A large proportion of expectant women are influenced by constipation. The prime reason behind this is definitely an increase in the progesterone. This hormone decreases the ability of colon to absorb extra water from body. Drinking lots of milk also cause constipation. The problem gets worse after first trimester. Regular exercising, drinking a good amount of water and including fiber inside diet helps you to resolve this challenge.

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