Natural Sleep Remedies to Help You Get More Sleep

Insomnia affects nearly 30% with the world’s population; clearly a big problem for many. In fact, since the beginning of the recession several years ago, many more are reporting complications with getting a good night’s sleep. Worries about the economy, loss in jobs, homes, finances along with other changes due to the recession, are keeping people up at night. So, in case you are having trouble sleeping through these tough times, try these methods to help you sleep soundly during the night.

When this happens many people turn to a sleeping help to help them sleep, the most common being some sort of prescription pill. Now don’t get me wrong, a pharmaceutical sleeping pill will get the task done, however, they generally include a number of possible side effects. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for any kind of prescription pill. The list of possible unwanted effects can be a mile long, as well as scary. Here are some possible side effects that can come and also a prescription sleeping pill.

Herbal tea may be prepared with mint leaves and lavender flowers the quite effective treatment for problems with sleep. One teaspoon of fresh lavender flowers then one and a half teaspoon of fresh mint leaves should be used a tea pot, take a cup of boiling water and pour within the leaves and enable it to be for couple of minutes, after short while strain this mixture and consume for sound and refreshing sleep. Teas produced by using lemon balm or passion flowers can also be quite effective remedies for sleep disorders and have excellent calming and relaxing properties to promote sound sleep. Two teaspoons of lemon balm may be blended with a cupful of boiling water and consumed after straining whereas one teaspoon of passion flowers shall be used with a cup full of boiling water in making tea.

You should be careful when taking benzodiazepines even if they are prescribed by your doctor. Although this can seem effective in inducing sleep, it’s easy to develop a dependency towards the drug. Make sure you do not take these drugs to have an extended time period and also the doses are low. Benzodiazepines are generally only prescribed for serious sleep problems. Some of the side effects can sometimes include not enough coordination, depression, hypotension, decreased libido, or erection problems.

I tried everything, I had a specific nighttime routine to help me relax, I runs on the relaxation CD, I tried natural sleep remedies and prescription sleeping tablets. I have run for miles and miles to exhaust myself. I have stayed while having sex and used breathing techniques, woke up again and ironed, I have watched TV and I have read. At some point the body has got to resign yourself, but my figure will cave in for just a few hours, too few sleep and frequently disturbed by my son. My husband purports to be on night duty but I still get up. I begin to feel that I am going mad, lack of sleep is often a kind of torture but not as tortuous as looking in the mirror and seeing the state I am getting into. My youthful looks almost gone and bags under the eyes that no quantity of comprise will hide.

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