Natural Remedies for Insomnia – How to Treat Insomnia Without Side Effects

It seems like such a contradiction, being exhausted nevertheless can not sleep. It is a situation with growing familiarity as I reach the end with this pregnancy. So after an hour of lying uncomfortably, praying that sleep would take me, I sit to ponder the problem. Why would we have evolved in such a counterproductive manner? It seems unusual that at the time your body is most in need of rest even be time that it must be most elusive.

Insomnia is perfectly normal in women that are pregnant – most statistics I’ve seen estimate that around 60-70% of pregnant ladies experience difficulties dropping off to sleep at least once. If you’re taking naps during the day, you are probably messing up your sleep patterns, and you will probably feel sleepiest through the daytime, if you might have work or another responsibilities you need to deal with. Limit your naps to under 1 hour each in order to avoid not enough sleepiness at night.

Struggles to obtain a good night’s sleep. She tosses and turns forever and is affected with all different kinds of body aches. She often finds herself awakening for my child back while using full weight of her baby uncomfortably resting on her behalf back. This leads to backaches. She is sleepy in daytime and starting to worry that her sleep disorders could be harming her baby in some way.

Another common reason why contributes to snoring is swollen nasal passages. This can be a result of imbalanced hormones, specifically higher amounts of estrogen which then causes the mucous membranes inside nose to swell and convey more mucous. An increase in blood volume or it could be developing a cold could also cause this to take place.

Try and exercise a little each day. Sometimes the root source of pregnancy insomnia can be related to other pregnancy ailments such as a sluggish gastrointestinal system or aching legs, gentle exercise can work towards alleviating plenty of physical pregnancy ailments and it’ll help help out with burning energy too. Don’t exercise within 3 hours of bedtime as this could be a bad idea.

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