Arthritis, Insomnia and You

If you are wondering the answer to the question ‘why I can’t sleep at night’ then congratulations you might have arrived at the right spotLF
Some research shows that runners who sleep below the recommended 7 hours every night (for healthy adults) find yourself gaining excess fat because they are prone to overeat when sleep deprived. However, new research has shown until this may not be the truth. A recent study showed that participants who slept about 5 hours per night gained excess fat than others who slept 7 hours, but in addition consumed LESS calories.

Constant waking: another common symptom of insomnia is been unable to stay asleep. Although you may have no problem when you get to fall asleep, you constantly wake up throughout the night tossing and turning and customarily feeling restless. Another is that you wake up excessively early plus your mind refuses to go back to fall asleep.

Meditation, through the perspective of a layperson, is simply duration of altered consciousness in the event the brain slows to some relaxed state. Using meditation, a feeling of peacefulness, deep physical relaxation and mental clarity may be experienced in only a fraction from the length of time necessary for a nap. Meditation creates a state of mental bliss so it helps your brain relax, bringing about the physical benefits associated with reduced stress. However, must be meditative state is often a state of ‘mental wakefulness,’ this doesn’t help perform the physical repair and rejuvenation related tasks that happen only when the mind is asleep. Attempting to replace sleep with meditation would eventually cause memory loss, confusion, hypertension, fat gain – even a compromised disease fighting capability that leaves the body susceptible to illnesses.

Remedies for better sleep may include:
– Many people see that these are mentally tired, but physically restless, or vice versa. If the mind is forced to work tirelessly but the body gets little exercise then consider taking on some physical exercise and look onto it as personal time. Half an hour walking or a quick swim may make the difference whether it is done regularly. Similarly, in the event the body is tired though the mind gets little exercise consider doing regular mental exercise, like reading, quizzes, puzzles.

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