Are Natural Insomnia Cures and Remedies Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus?

A good night’s sleep is powerful medicine. Insomnia impacts on all aspects of health, body-mind. Chicken and egg-like, poor sleeping patterns exacerbate conditions for example depression, anxiety, bowel irregularity and lowered immunity, and vice versa, these complaints affect sleep. There are many natural sleep remedies, including herbs that work a treat for insomnia issues.

1. Take daily exercise – Be physically active throughout the daytime and then try to incorporate a workout for around twenty minutes of one’s day. Exercise stimulates the brain so it helps eliminate at least lower panic and anxiety. You don’t want to exercise three to four hours before bedtime because this is a stimulating activity. Being physically active during the day makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening.

So here I am, anxious with work problems and then any other problem my addled brain could think of, I can get to rest but at 1.00 a.m. I hear a cry from my son, I go in and he is fast asleep but clearly dreaming. I settle him down and return to bed. As I get back into bed an anxious thought enters my head, I take a nap and suddenly an avalanche of thoughts crowd in, all shouting to get heard. My heart starts pounding, I feel sick, I lie there for some time getting increasingly agitated; my hubby is beginning to stir so I get out of bed and go downstairs. By this time it really is 2.00a.m. I have had 120 minutes sleep along with the children is going to be awake in 4 hours approximately. I start to think about the day ahead and wondering how I will cope having had so little sleep. My heart starts pounding again.

* You may feel drowsy for a long time the next day, along with forgetfulness and confusion.
* Some people require more pills to fall asleep which in turn will have an overabundance negative effects.
* Addiction to the pills may result along with withdrawal symptoms for example nausea should you not consider the pills.
* The pills may interfere with your normal medications, that may prove harmful in some cases.

(a) Dimming the lights. Melatonin, is a natural hormone made by the pineal gland, and is often a powerful antioxidant that acts to modify our sleep and wake cycles. The body produces more melatonin in the evening, in reply to less light, and maintains higher levels instantly, which encourages sleep.

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